Protect the environment and the people at the risk bound to the manipulation and to the use of products and equipments

 The development of needs in the field of the contamination's control gave birth to a new expanding sector " the cleanrooms industry and zones with mastered contamination "
 The contamination's control concerns most of the business sectors of production, research or care in different degrees
 The main user sectors of technologies to control the contamination: aeronautical, spatial, electronic and high-tech sectors, industry of the health, the biotechnologies, the hospital worker, the food-processing industry, the automobile, the flight mechanics, the research laboratories, the nanotechnologies, the transformation of the plastic and the rubber
 Presence on the territory of several poles of competitiveness inevitably needing to produce in ultrapropre


Actions adapted to the exhibition

 invitation cards sent by mailings
 institutional's partners, media and press
 intensive press relations before, during and after the exibition
 advertising insertions
 bulletin boards
 banners on the partner sites
 e-mailings of information distributed all around the year
 exhibition reference
 conference, workshops, demonstrations and business meeting...


The exhibition of the contamination control, clean environment, ulultrapropre and sterile was held from october the 1st until 3rd : NUKLEA, SAFi CENTRE and SIPEC.

During three days, more than 4 100 professionnals came to look informations and solutions from our 350 exhibitors. The latter knew how to take the opportunity to widen their radiuses of action, multiply the contacts and meet prospects. The priorities of the industrialists were: a positioning in region near production sites, research for new partners, the answer to projects, the research for innovations, for products and for new technologies. Exibition revealed a qualitative visitorat, on the lookout for the novelties and the products leaders.

Standards and classes

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